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October 20, 2009, 1:30 pm
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most of the foreignness of this country has worn off for me.  things that used to be strange are now normal.  everyone once in a while i’m surprised by something again.  like yesterday, i asked for a pepsi light at the colmado (or a diet pepsi as i suppose you would call it).  first the lady that owns the store looked at me like she didn’t even understand what i was saying, then she realized she didn’t have any of what i was asking for.  so i ended up with a diet coke.  as i was leaving she said, “i didn’t know that they sold that.”  it doesn’t surprise me at all that she didn’t have any diet pepsi, but didn’t even know there was such a thing!  she owns a store!  not every part of the first world has reached this place.

allow me to introduce you to something that quite the norm around these parts:  cachipa.

oct 09 075

oct 09 078

cachipa- ash that falls from the sky when the sugar cane fields are burning.  i remember the first time i walked outside to see this falling from the sky… let’s just say i was terrified.  now it’s normal, annoying still, but normal.  you wake up in the morning and black ash is covering everything.

oct 09 069

here you can see the smoke.

oct 09 074

i know the quality is not so great.  obviously these were taken from the car.  rachel and i didn’t want to go too slow as to inhale the smoke.  the cane fields the entire way out to the village are being burned.

rumor is that they might open up the sugar cane factory here in montellano again.  i’ve lived here for two years now, this would be the third harvest season, and i’ve never seen the can cut down.  word is that the prices of sugar have tripled, so companies are asking to harvest here in the north, but the government says NO.  so they are burning the cane in protest… or they could just be burning it because that’s the first step to harvesting.  the cane doesn’t actually burn down but all the foliage around it does, so then it’s easier to cut down.  who knows what’s really going on.  i’m just tired of cleaning black stuff off my porch, AND it came in my window and was all over my bed!  one thing though… if they do harvest this year it would be a blessing.  everyone gets really desperate around december.  people need jobs.


a few cosas
October 19, 2009, 2:29 pm
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the Lord is a faithful provider.  that is one thing i have learned to be so true living here.  it’s looking like we are going to be able to pay full salaries to the women this month.  thank you to all of you who sold things, bought stuff, and gave offerings of love!

a few cosas i’ve gotten to do lately:

visit the capital, santo domingo, and colonial city.  i’ve lived in this country for over two years now and i finally made a trip to the capital.  it’s unlike anything else i have ever seen in the country.  the dominican republic is still considered a developing country for many reasons, but santo domingo is a fully developed metropolitan city.  rachel and i stayed in a small hotel in the colonial city.  all of the buildings there date back to colonizing of the DR.  we went into a museum and saw lots of cool artifacts.  the best part was seeing the first cathedral of the new world, built back in the 1500s.  we also ate dinner in a park right next to it at night.

oct 09 034

oct 09 038

can you believe this exist here?!?!

also, we went for a little hike, saw some caves in cabarete, and made sancocho.  i’m thinking of making this a regular activity.

i went to a little artisan fair in moca.  we got to see what some of the local artist of this country make… lots of recycled things, and some really beautiful stuff.  the best part about it was that i met this peace core volunteer that works in a community in the south where they cut and design larimar jewelry.  larimar is a stone here in the DR.  so i’m hoping i get to go visit this place on the south coast soon!

his eyes are on the sparrow
October 2, 2009, 3:19 pm
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sometimes i feel like i am the luckiest person in the world, other times i feel like a factory worker… counting, counting, and counting some more… BEADS!

today i feel privileged.  i spent the morning baking cakes for the art co-op ladies.  we’re having a small surprise party for them this afternoon.  they all think we’re having a serious meeting, which we are, but we also wanted to give them a treat, real cake, out of a box!

the downside is that money is tight.  today we’ll be braking the news that after this payday the well is dry.  be praying that things will sell, and that God will once again prove that He is the ultimate provider.

“Why, even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not; you are of more value than many sparrows.”  Luke 12:7