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props to my bro
June 4, 2010, 10:31 pm
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i just took a short visit home.  i really needed a quick fix of some family time.

while i was there i got to see my brother and dad perform a battle of the bands at Warehouse Live in Houston.  this is me and my daddyo backstage.  my brother won!  and more importantly gets to play at Bonaroo, a big music festival.

he has a new album coming out tomorrow.  i already have all the mps!  i’ve listened to the songs over and over.  i still want the actual CD.

here’s an article from the Houston Cronicle, a rave review more or less…

i’m just so proud of him and my dad.  this is the one thing that makes me wish i could be home… to be there for big things like this… i really feel like life is about to change for my bubby 🙂


baby betran
June 2, 2010, 1:41 pm
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Name:  Carlos Betran

Born:  20th of May

Weight: 5lbs

I know it’s been a while since I updated the blog.  This one seemed pretty important to me.  I’ve told you all about my little friend Yoslena.  She was one of the hardest students for us to deal with at Colegio Makarios.  We became friends, and I tried really hard to mentor her.  When she told me she was pregnant I really wanted to help her.  Not that I know a whole lot about babies… but 17 and pregnant is scary.  I just wanted to be someone in her life that could be there for her.  Well….

She had her baby!!!!

He was premature, but he’s healthy.  She asked me to be the Godmother, which means that I had the honor of naming the baby.  We decided on Carlos because they likened it to the male version of my name.  It’s amazing watching her become a mother.  At first she was complaining to me that she needed milk because she wasn’t producing any.  I told her to keep trying and her milk would come.  She has started breast feeding, she’s learning to burp him… it’s just amazing.  I worry for her, but I really think she’s going to figure it out.  She told me… Cara, I’m not going to have anymore, it hurt.  She also said she hasn’t been sleeping.  I assured her that would probably last for a couple of years.  Pray for her, and the people she has around her.  Her grandma has been helping a lot.  Pray for Carlos, and for me that I could live up to being Godmother and show him Christ.