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August 8, 2010, 10:54 pm
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my friend benjamin here in the DR has started a blog.  he has such a fresh perspective and strong faith.  check out his blog:


August 4, 2010, 10:13 pm
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my shower was interrupted on friday by tati, our art coop manager.  let me just take a second first of all to say that tati is awesome and i love her.  this has nothing to do with this story, but tati is really cool.  i’ll write another day to tell you all how amazing she is.  so she had come to my house early in the morning to notify me that the shop we have attached to the art coop had been broken into and robbed.  she just kept saying “casi todo, casi todo,” which means almost everything.  i called to let rachel know and then we got in my car and headed over to the police station here in montellano to report the robbery.

now here comes the comical/sad part of the story.  i went to the police station knowing that almost nothing could actually be done to recover our merchandise or find out who stole it.  reporting it was more of a formality in case we found out who had robbed us.  we were greeted at the police station by a guy dressed casually, t-shirt and flip flops, with his feet up on the desk watching tv.  he asked us what they could do to help us.  tati replied that we had come to report a robbery.  he yelled to a man in the back, “¡carlos, carlos!  el viene ahora,”  that “he” was coming promptly.  a man entered from the back wearing a towel.  he had been bathing.  he asked us what we wanted and tati again responded promptly.  he said he would be right with us he just needed to get dressed.  we waited on a wooden bench watching television with the other officer.  austin powers goldmember was on in spanish.  it just so happened to be the part where mike myers is in the fat suit naked.  all i could do was laugh to myself about the absurdity of the dominican police force.

carlos emerged once again from his room, this time he was clothed.  he asked us a few questions about what had happened, what transportation we had, and then said, “okay, vamono,” let’s go.  we got back in my car to head out to the village.  first we had to pass by the gas station because i didn’t have any gas.  the officer didn’t offer any.  sidenote:  dominican police officers are rarely given transportation, so that’s why we had to go in my car.

we arrived to somewhat of a crowd around the art coop.  the thieves had entered through the front door by unscrewing it.  the police officer chastised me a bit for not having a more secure building and for having a watchiman that is well into his 70s and blind.  alfonso, our security guard, had said that he heard something in the night but thought is was an animal.  i calculated everything that was lost.  honestly i was expecting it to be much worse, but it seems like the robbers knew what they were coming in to take…. the things that would be easiest to carry and sell right away, necklaces and bracelets.

we headed back to the police station to fill out a report, a hand written statement in a notebook with superman on the front of it.  i gave them a list of everything that had been stolen… about $3,000 worth of stuff… enough to support ALL of our women for a month.  homeboy was still watching austin powers when we got back.  carlos made a few phone calls and gave me his number.  we haven’t heard anything yet and i don’t think we will.

fortunately things have been going pretty well this summer.  we’ve been making a good amount off of groups.  but rachel and i are really trying hard to get the art coop set up to run on it’s own.  which means buying lots of supplies.  we’re making a budget, but money is tight.  pray that the Lord would provide in these hard times.  AND IF YOU HAVE ANY LA TIENDA MERCHANDISE, SELL, SELL, SELL!

thanks for all the prayers and support. and i hope you had a little laugh about the dominican police force of montellano.  oh, and, don’t worry about me not being safe here or whatever… my neighbors take care of me 🙂