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new la tienda
May 25, 2011, 3:22 pm
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tati is the best
May 25, 2011, 3:13 pm
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i just wanted to share a little more about how awesome tati is….

i believe i mentioned in a previous post that violeta has been very sick…. if not, please pray for her, she is still very ill.  i haven’t been to see her in a while.  they say she is doing a little better, but she is still unable to work.  violeta is one of the women of the art co-op that has been a friend to me, and it makes me very sad to see her like she is.  she has some form of severe anemia, and in the past year she lost both of her parents to TB.  i’m not a doctor, and i wish i knew more about what to do for her.  there are people tending to her, but she doesn’t really have anyone to help her all of the time, or help her with her work.

before rachel left she had talked with violeta’s brother about doing her work for her, but he didn’t want to do anything without being paid.  understandable, but now he has completely stopped, and the art co-op just can’t afford to pay violeta if we don’t have any of her work to sell.  i was feeling burdened by this and i just didn’t know what to do.

yesterday i went into the village to work with tati on some things.  we were going over what women were missing work, etc.  she informed me that SHE DID ALL OF VIOLETA’S WORK FOR HER.  i was shocked.  she said that she felt bad and wanted her to receive her pay.  so she stayed up late every night and finished a month of work in one week!  i am continually amazed by tati’s initiative and compassion for others.  the art co-op would be a complete disaster if not for her.  she is the glue that holds it together.

praise the Lord for tati, and please continue to pray for violeta.

i have a friend
May 17, 2011, 3:39 pm
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i have a friend whose children go some days without eating because she doesn’t have anything to feed them, even though she works ALL day.

i have a friend who lost both of her parents this year.  she works just to buy her food and pay her way to school.  she studies at night trying to finish high school.  now, she is sick with only her sister to help take care of her.

i have a friend who got an infection in her hand so bad that she has lost use of her thumb.  now she can’t work.

i have a friend who just wants to be able to buy a refrigerator for her family.  if only she could save up enough money.

i have a friend that pays $15 a month rent on his house, and has to beg for money to buy milk for his daughter.

i have a friend who lost her husband.  she had never worked before.  she opened up a business in her home. for years she has struggle just to get by.

i have a friend who lost his job working in the cane factory.  now he struggles every day, working in the hot sun, carrying people to and from on his moto for 50 cents, $1, if he’s lucky $3.

i have a friend living with HIV.

i have a friend who got pregnant at 12!  she now has five children and is trying to finish school at night.

i have a friend who had a baby at 17 and does her best to take care of him.

i have a friend whose mother left him when he was two to find a better life in spain.

i have a friend who gave up her life to try to provide life for 30 families… and more…

how can i leave here and feel like my job is done?

i have a friend who gave His life so that i could live.

it is well with my soul
May 12, 2011, 3:26 pm
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In John 9 the disciples ask Jesus why it is that a man was born blind, who it was that sinned so that he would be punished.  Jesus answered, It was neither that this man sinned, nor his parents; but it was so that the works of God might be displayed in him.  “We must work the works of Him who sent Me as long as it is day; night is coming when no one can work. “While I am in the world, I am the Light of the world.” John 9:3-5

I’ve seen so much suffering in my time spent here.  I sometimes wonder if the project will ever have any longevity or if it actually changes lives.  I was reminded this week that suffering is for God’s glory.

I’ve been getting by month to month with my support.  It seems each month that I’m informed that funds are back down, then we do some heavy praying and my support goes back up to two months worth.  I was letting the women know yesterday that things have been hard lately, so that they would pray for me.  Tati said, “I don’t hardly ever go to church, but I’m going to go and pray for you.  I’m not staying here by myself.”  We really are all in this together.  Tati has been an angel to Rachel and memany times.  I thank the Lord for her.  When I get down sometimes, Tati is my reminder of hope so that I can carry on.  I love her.

In Psalms David cries out to the Lord.  Sometimes he is angry, weeping, sometimes he is shouting and singing with joy.  I live out those emotions doing this kind of work.  I know that the Lord will provide.  He never promises us that we won’t suffer, but he promises us that he will always be faithful and he loves us with steadfast love.

Thank you Jesus for Tati.

I stole these pictures from Ashley from her trip here, so that you could see Tati.

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