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urgent prayer request
June 30, 2011, 4:27 pm
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sweet alfonso.  alfonso is our watchy.  he lives in the art co-op and makes sure no one steals our goods.  we try our best to take care of him.  he receives a salary, has a place to sleep, a nice bed, but he doesn’t have any family or people to really care for him.  there is a woman that cooks him food, but he’s getting old.  he has been diagnosed with glaucoma, and pretty much can’t see anymore.  sometimes he needs help getting to the bathroom.

the day after i arrived from being home in the states for my brother’s wedding i was informed that alfonso was really sick and in the hospital.  now, tati just came back and told me that the pressure in his eye had gotten so back that it “exploded.”  he needs to have surgery to have his eye removed.  being an old haitian man they aren’t really giving him the best care at the hospital.  and tati, bless her soul, has been taking care of him every day.  10 days she has spent going into town, every day, to change his sheets, change his diapers, and take him food. tati, a poor woman herself, with no one willing to help her.  she tried to get some of the other art co-op women together to help her, but no one wants to.  they think he is not their responsibility.  and other “aide” organizations have told her the same.  they have all said, “no, he’s rachel’s responsiblity.  he works for her.”  it makes me so unbelievably angry.  he still is a human being.  we all have the responsibility to take care of God’s children, especially the elderly.  i’m soooo mad.

so please pray for alfonso.  pray that we could financially be able to take care of this burden.  pray that God would make a way, a way for alfonso into His arms.